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Mundsburg Center

Hamburger Strasse 1-15, Hamburg


The landmark building „Mundsburg“, located in Barmbek Uhlenhorst, hosts in its semi basement a small but highly functional shopping and entertainment centre. Based on its optimal connection to the public transport system of the city of Hamburg and its central location between Winterhuder Weg and Hamburger Strasse, the shopping and entertainment centre is easy to access by train, subway or public bus. With its approx. 2,500 adjacent parking lots within the two multi story car parks and its central location at one of the most significant traffic junctions of the city, the centre is also optimal accessible by car.

The Mundsburg got erected from 1969 to 1973 by the conceptual draft of the architect’s office Garten, Kahl & Bargholz with a total gross floor area of around 60.000 m². Creative initiator where the Hamburg based developer Spranger & Büll. The chopping centre got structurally design as a combined housing-, commercial- office- and event complex, which was housed in the basement of the Mundsburg towers. Into the 1990s, the semi basements consist of a swimming bath, a sauna area and a sports centre.  The widely visible triple towers dominate the skyline of Barmbek like no other building in the surrounding area and represents an integral part of the townscape.

During 1996 and 1998, the entertainment- and shopping center got refurbished the first time. With the modernization of the first 4 floors of the complex in the mid-1990s, the public swimming bath with its sauna and sports center were completely replaced by a state of the art multiplex cinema. By the redevelopment of the entertainment areas, the adjacent commercial areas got extended and a new closed mall where added to the center in front of the existing retail units. The reopening took place in December 1998.

In april 2007, alstria office REIT acquired the commercial areas of the Mundsburg complex, consisting of the office, shopping and entertainment areas. The property came across with technical conditions which required a comprehensive and profoundly revitalization. Due to the complexity of the refurbishment project, alstria decided to split the revitalization process into two steps. Within the first step from 2011 to 2013, alstria refurbished the office areas within the Mundsburg Office Tower. Within the second step, the Mundsburg Center got redesignt since 2013.

According to the conceptual design of Bollinger Fehlig architects to redevelop the Mundsburg office Tower, the skyscraper got completely stripped down to its superstructure and rebuild to reach the quality of a new designed building. To keep and match its historic appearance, the new facade got redesigned after the existing façade, optimized by an energy efficient compact-double skin construction with triple glassing and external sunshades.
Due to its sustainable conception, as one of the first buildings in Germany, the Mundsburg office Tower was awarded a silver certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council “DGNB”. By reconstructing the existing façade by modern components, the primary energy consumption could get reduced by about 80 percent or 2.5 MWh per annum. With its significant improvement of its environmental performance, the project was awarded a recognition in the PROM Awards 2012.

In 2013, alstria started the complete recreation and upgrading process of the public Mall, its 29 commercial units and approx. 13.000 m² retail areas. Due to its relevance for its surrounding urban district Barmbek, alstria decided not to close down the shopping center during the refurbishment process. In August 2013 the construction works of the second revitalization according to the conceptual design of Boge Johannsen Architects BDA started.   
For the new design of the public mall, the architects concentrated on a functional and straight- lined design. The existing shop- façade with the colorful mix of different materials of the 90s got replaced by a carmine red glass facade. The new interior design adapts by its choice of material to the outer façade of the two towers with its enameled black glass facades. The new designed granite floor in the public areas in combination with the especially developed lighting concept by Notholt lighting design, creates qualities for the predominantly evening usage of the building. In addition to the optical redesign of public areas and the comprehensive modernization of all central technical building equipment, the existing tenant structure got further developed. The Center with its core capabilities entertainment and leisure got expanded and strengthened.
The new central core area of the mall represents the new designed UCI Cinema Boxoffice, which gets surrounded, be a new designed food court. Also new designed got the Casino “Spielbank Hamburg”, which is located within the center since 1998. With the sports center “Kingdom of Sports” on the 2nd floor, after 1998 the topic sport comes back into the house. The live music club “Freundlich + Kompetent” with a stage for live music, concerts and cultural freedom is located in the ground floor.

In addition to the entertainment and leisure facilities, the food- court at the first floor of the Center got significantly increased. Around the new designed UCI cinema box office, a redesigned tex mex restaurant Louisiana and the new AsiaHung complement the central area. Another gastronomic highlight will be the new Japanese sushi restaurant Ichiban, which get located at the head of the Mall. Between this two anchor restaurants Louisiana and Ichiban with each approx. 230 seats, smaller gastronomic providers like PinkPunk or Falafelfactory will complement the selection of food.
To strengthen the local supply for the surrounding neighbourhood, the tenant mix of the ground floor got optimized and strengthens.

The Pennymarkt, which has been located in the property since 1973, presents itself on a larger and more attractive area. Smaller local suppliers and service providers such as a tailor, a shoemaker, a hairdresser, a medical supply shop, a nail salon and a solarium further the attrcative retail location between the food discounter Penny and the resident drugstore Budnikowsky.

The center, with its three main themes leisure and entertainment on the 2nd floor, food and groceries on the 1st floor and local service supplies on the ground floor, offers a very distinctive and and highly attractive concept.

The modern exterior facade with large-scale glass elements built in 1998, was perserved in detail and further optimized for example by a new revolving door. Highlight of the center‘s revitalisation however ist he redesigned main entrance, which features direct lighting of the gate and an enhanced outer design that defines the modern look of the center.




  • Location: Hamburger Strasse 1-15, 22083 Hamburg
  • Usage: Shopping and Entertainment Center
  • Total area: approx. 12,500 sqm
  • Construction year: 1969-1973
  • Refurbishment: 2013-2015


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