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Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 79-87 in Hamburg


The Holstenhof is located in a central Hamburg, situated between Gänsemarkt, Johannes Brahms Platz, the public park area 'Planten & Blomen', Axel-Springer-Platz and Große Bleichen. It is the jewel and simultaneously the most striking building in the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße. The corner location of the Holstenhof has a high recognition value. The site is dominated by an urban, vital and creative atmosphere, offers a pleasant contrast to the strong business environment of the city centre.

The Art Nouveau office building was built in 1900/1901 by Albert Lindhorst for Johann Möller. It drives the former trend, the substantial reconstruction of the lower floors in glass surfaces on the top. The façade overlying is clear and symmetrically structured, enriched with the formal repertoire of the Historicism in connection with the influence of Art Nouveau. Particularly noteworthy is the richly decorated main staircase with its ornamental ceramic tiles and the filigree banisters. The property consists of two interconnected building bodies, with a ground-floor retail area, a fully built basement as well as four full floors and a loft level.

The Holstenhof was constructed with a reinforced concrete skeleton construction, so that the floors were completely cleared up on the building and staircase walls as well as the central pillars pairs of the thin partitions. Thus, there are clear spaces enabling all popular, modern office designs; from large open space cells to a combination of offices and business clubs. The ceiling height on the ground floor is approximately +4 m and in the typical story approximately 3.5 m. The retail units develop a special ambience with its generous windows to Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße and the clear room heights of approximately 3.9 m to approximately 4.5 m.

The building was extensively renovated and modernised from the end of 2012 until 2014. This included the complete re-installation of the building, the replacement of windows, the conversion / construction of the attic and the demolition of existing, non-protruding walls and the construction of raised floors. The two generous and open-plan entrance areas are richly decorated with historic Art Nouveau tiles and create a representative and very special atmosphere when entering the Holstenhof. A modern lift system that connects all floors of the building, with its impressive elevator portals with simple elegance, forms a balanced contrast to the Art Nouveau staircase.

Atmospheric lighting design complements the historic staircase.
The Kontorhaus (traditional office building) is included in the list of heritage-protected buildings. All renovation work has been closely coordinated and developed with the Heritage Office of the city of Hamburg. Since the end of 2014 modern office and retail space with high-quality equipment features became available.

Since July 2015 the building is fully leased.


  • Location: Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 79-87, 20355 Hamburg-Neustadt
  • Usage: retail ground floor, offices from 1th to 5th floor
  • Total area: approx. 5,600 sqm
  • Construction year: 1900-1901
  • Refurbishment/new development: 2013-2014
  • Architect: Albert Lindhorst (1900-1901),
                     GRS Reimer Architekten (2013-2014)




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