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Bartholomay Haus

Altstädter Strasse 3-7 in Hamburg (rear of Steinstrasse 5-7)

The 22,000 sqm asset Bartholomayhaus is located in Hamburg's historic Kontorhausviertel between Old Town and Harbour City. alstria acquired the building in 2006 from the City of Hamburg.

The lease-end with the former main tenant BKK Mobil Oil allowed alstria to substantially refurbish the historic building. In April 2010 the modernised office space was delivered to the new tenant, the public transport company Hamburger Hochbahn, based on a 20-year lease.

Since then alstria has further increased the attractiveness of Bartholomayhaus through the construction of a parking garage in the courtyard and a further extension of office space. During the refurbishment all aspects of sustainability and conservation of the historic façade were taken into account.



  • 2006: Acquisition of the Bartholomayhaus from the City of Hamburg
  • 2008: Termination of  the lease with the former tenant BKK Mobil Oil and signature of a new 20 year lease with Hamburg’s public transportation authority
  • 2009-2010: Refurbishment
  • 2010: Delivery to the new tenant
  • 2011-2012: Extension of office space and erection of a new garage in the courtyard



Historic view - Altstädter Str. 3-7
Historic view - Altstädter Str. 3-7
Street view - Altstädter Str. 3-7
Interior view