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Real Estate Operations

Buying and owning real estate is easy. The only thing needed is enough investment capital and a bank account for the incoming rent. However our strategy is different.

We buy and manage real estate

Our strategy is not simply buying and selling – and also not just buying and holding. Our strategy is to buy properties and manage them actively.
Buying and managing requires comprehensive skills. Throughout the years we have successfully improved these skills and based on our own experience continue to further develop them.

All competencies at one spot

The core of our business is our Real Estate Operations department; the entire portfolio is managed from there. In order to meet our requirements for the active management of real estate, the majority of our employees work for this department.
The Real Estate Operations covers the Asset Management, Property and Technical Management as well as the Office Planning.
Interdisciplinary teams at our locations Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Stuttgart work closely together and manage individual parts of the entire portfolio. All teams aim at maintaining a consistent and close relationship with each property location, the particular market and most important a close relationship with the tenants. This is what enables us to recognise their specific needs and find the optimal solution for both sides.

Focus on the tenant

Even the best businesses in the world have only a limited overview of the requirements for office space within two to three years’ time. If for example a tenant requires more space, we offer flexible solutions; Especially with the search of additional office space in our existing portfolio or the efficiency enhancement and use of the space already occupied by our tenants. The close relationship with each of our tenants forms the basis to understand the individual needs and enables us to react at a very early stage. This way, we do not only rent out office space, we increase the value for our tenants. This may be regarded as old fashioned; however it is also a less common way of managing real estate.

Our aim: Optimal results for tenant and landlord

We strongly believe that the interests of tenants on the one side and the landlord on the other do not necessarily differ from each other. The tenants seek efficient modern office space with an acceptable cost-benefits ratio. Equally the landlord seeks a long-term tenant relationship in keeping with maintaining the property value. This is why we invest regularly in our properties with a strong focus on sustainability.  


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