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Harburger Ring

Harburger Ring 17 in Hamburg


Harburger Ring 17 is a 7-storey, detached building, which was built together with the City-Galerie and is therefore directly connected to the parking deck at the lower ground floor. Which also includes a shared pedestrian connection to both floors. The building was acquired in 2007 by Deutscher Ring Versicherung. The main tenant at the time being the German employees health insurance DAK.

The buildings outer mantle, including the roof, has been completely renovated, the existing structural metal facade and the steel windows have been dismantled. In order to reach today's thermal standard, the object received not only a facade insulation but also new heat protection windows. In addition the building services have been completely reworked, the heating system as well as the heating cables, the electrical engineering and the sanitary supplies have been entirely renewed. The new, modern heating technology has been moved to the basement which helped to create additional residential space on the upper floors. In the residential area was entirely renovated. The existing bathrooms were rebuilt and the floor plans adapted to today's tenant requirements. Since the renovation in early 2016, there are a total of 33 flats in the city center location. The flats were fittet out with new kitchenettes as well as new floor and wall coverings. The existing loggias offer additional space alongside the kitchenettes.

The three office floors below the residential area, offer on each floor rental space between 150 and 600 sqm, a total of about 1,830 sqm. In addition to traditional office uses with single, group and open-plan offices, other uses such as medical practices can now also be realized.

With the completion of the refurbishment, Harburg's city center at the beginning of Lüneburger Straße was significantly upgraded.



  • Location: Harburger Ring 17, 21073 Hamburg
  • Usage: Retail ground floor, Offices from 1th to 3th floor,apartments from 4th to 6th floor
  • Total area: approx. 3,402 sqm
  • Construction year: 1976
  • Refurbishment: 2015 - 2016
  • Architects: BDA Kraul and Architekt Jäckel (1976)Aumann Katzsch Architekten, Construction Management: Mr. Gossel (2015)


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