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Our approach to sustainability does not solely focus on environmental matters, but consider economical and social impact of our actions as well. We balance the risk/benefit of the three aspects before making a decision and adapt our actions to what we feel is the most viable course. The result of this approach is that we might not always take the decision that maximize the short term benefit for alstria, but we are convinced that we always ride the road that will yields the best long term prospect.


As a listed company we have fiduciary duties towards our shareholders. Our goal is to create sustainable value by working hard and responsibly. Our investment decisions are always based on proper analyses. alstria only invests in assets and/or markets which we believe will sustain our growth requirements and deliver adequate returns over time. We believe that a strong commitment to transparency and to reliability is the basis for building trust with our shareholders.

Through our investor relations outreach we have direct contact to shareholders. We inform them about alstria’s development, its financials and the sustainability approach through regular reports such as the annual report, the quarterly interim reports and the sustainability report, as well as the corresponding release conferences. Regular discussions at road shows and property tours secure the quality of the engagement. alstria also uses a number of other communication tools to communicate outside of the conventional approach. As such, the Company operates a blog and is present on Facebook, Twitter and other social media in order to improve its investor outreach.


alstria’s good relationship with its tenants is the key to long-term success. We are working constantly on these relationships by supporting our tenants when they require changes to their rental space or when they need to increase office space efficiency. We aim to provide efficient and sustainable office space to bring additional value which will benefit both alstria and our tenants.

With our key tenants, we have regular meetings to discuss room for improvement in our properties. Furthermore, we discuss sustainability issues in different working groups. Our real estate operations team uses the opportunity of regular site visits to engage directly with the occupants.


Our employees and their development within the Company are central to realise sustainable achievements. We are committed to the “equal opportunity” approach. Everyone at alstria has the opportunity to learn and to improve skills while working. We support entrepreneurship, encourage initiative, reward excellence and create working conditions to enhance and foster quality performance.

alstria’s employees are informed regularly on the development of the Company and the management strategy in all-employee meetings. One important topic in these meetings in 2010 was alstria’s approach towards sustainability.


By hosting thousands of people day by day, our assets are an important component of the communities where they are located. Through our operations and corporate and employee contributions, we strive to enhance the quality of life in these communities.

We act as responsible citizens and good corporate neighbours, respecting the interests of those who live and work in or near our assets. Our business being local, we try as much as we can to support local entrepreneurs in our supply chain. We obey the laws under which we operate and train all our employees to understand and follow alstria’s Code of Conduct, which defines our ethical and legal guidelines and supports our commitment to honesty and integrity.

alstria is engaged in several national and international initiatives where we actively participate in industry discussions and positioning regarding issues ranging from accounting, regulation and investor relations to sustainable reporting.