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There are two key moments in the life of real estate assets when one can create value. The first one is, when a lease comes to expiry, and a new lease needs to be put in place. This is part of the bread and butter of each and every real estate company. The second key moment is when the assets are refurbished or redeveloped. Development will shape the assets for the next 20 to 30 years. It will command its future cash flow, its ability to be let, its sustainability within its environment, and the experience of its occupiers.



Hagebau- centrum
Bolay 2015

  • Location: Siemensstraße 31- 33, Ditzingen
  • Usage: Retail
  • Total area: approx. 23.800 sqm
  • Construction year: 2014-2016


Center 2015

  • Location: Hamburger Str. 1-15, Hamburg
  • Usage: Shopping- and Entertainment Center
  • Total area: approx. 12,500 sqm
  • Construction year: 1969-1973
  • Refurbishment: 2013-2015



Harburger Ring 2015

  • Location: Harburger Ring 17, Hamburg
  • Usage: Retail ground floor, Offices from 1th to 3th floor,apartments from 4th to 6th floor
  • Total area: approx. 3,402 sqm
  • Construction year: 1976
  • Refurbishment: 2015